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See below to what others have to say about Michelle Waller and Advanced Professional Appraiser.

Since attending one of Michelle’s classes, my interactions with appraisers have gone smoother. I more confident in my research and therefore my experience with appraisers has been better than ever. Thank you for this class and I can’t wait for the certification next year.

I have been in this industry for many years, been to many classes, but Michelle’s enthusiasm and dedication to working together as a team is a much-needed focus a lot of us have been missing. Thank you for seeing a need and raising the standards for the industry.

Both Appraisal Classes demonstrate Michelle’s excellent subject knowledge. She teaches the Realtor how to support the Appraiser by providing relevant input to be considered. “Bracketing” your property to get the best comparable(s) is the newest tool I learned to give my property valuation more meaning. I am looking forward to learning more on Market Research. Thank you, Michelle, for caring about the Realtor.

Communication is excellent. Very friendly and responsible. Repair jobs and clean up were perfect. Commitments for investments were as promised with honest and straightforward communication.

I have invested in several projects with Michelle and look forward to future projects.

I have viewed several before and after projects and continue to be inspired by the workmanship and design style. They identify to make spaces more functional while also delivering a beautiful remodel with each home.

– Concise – Detailed – Straightforward! Thank you Step Up Real State Solutions… you’re every part this industry should be!

I could not have been happier with the works from Step Up Real State Solutions. Before they remodeled two of my bathrooms, I went to see a few of their other homes which have been remodeled. My 1970’s bathrooms are now beautiful flagstone and granite models with completely updated appearances. I highly recommend this company which suggests creative ideas and possesses a knowledge of popular modern materials which definitely increase the value of one’s home.

Step Up Real State Solutions embraces what their homes have to offer in a creative and artistic way. All the remodels are completed with a very high standard. A tour of the final product will impress you and leave you asking, “how can I make my home look like that?”

We were able to sell our house in a down market at a price and time frame we wanted. Michelle helped us every step of the way. She was extremely professional, reliable, with outstanding customer service.

Upgrading AZ is taking what some people see no hope in a home that’s been neglected and transforming it into a beautiful home that just about anyone can see themselves living in.

They do just that, they are Upgrading AZ. Overhauling a house into a home yet keeping a high integrity of workmanship is much needed in this industry. Remember this name, they have amazing homes.

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